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  • Tree Care

  • Core Aeration

  • Lawn Care

  • Landscape Maintenance

  • Hardscaping

  • Invasive Plant Control

  • Planting - Nursery to Large Trees

  • Firewood

Our Services

Tree Care

Windsor Lawns can service all your tree care needs including tree trimming, tree removal and stump grinding. Fall/Winter is a great time to care for your trees because

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Aerating is a process that allows your lawn to breathe.It’s conducted by poking a series of holes in the soil where the grass grows. Time, lawn mowers, and foot traffic all contribute to soil compaction. Aeration breaks up the compacted soil and also removes thatch. Thatch is a layer of decaying debris and old grass that covers the soil. When it becomes too thick, it prevents nutrients and water from passing through the soil and reaching the roots. 

Limited Time Promotion: Discounts on our 5 step custom lawn care program. 

Snow Removal

Windsor Lawns offers complete snow removal and ice services for your property.  We will watch the weather and come prepared to keep your property safe. 


Windsor Lawns is here to supply you firewood year round whether it is for your outdoor fire pit or you indoor fireplace. 

Lawn Care

Spring- The time of year to get your lawn in share. Our first treatment will help your lawn rebound from the winter stress and help control crabgrass and broad leaf weeds.

Late Spring- Now that your lawn is back in shape it needs the proper nutrition to stay strong. Our application will give it what it needs to keep out the weeds and improve its density and color. 

Summer- We will treat your lawn so it can sustain its strength through the stress it confronts during the hot summer months. 

Fall- As the "cool-down" begins, we'll fertilize to promote healthy root growth and curb any weeds- if they exist. 

Winter- Our time released nitrogen will allow your lawn to bulk-up and stay strong for another unpredictable Wisconsin winter. 

Planting - Nursery Plants to Large Trees

A carefully selected plan palette help bring a landscape to life throughout all four seasons whether it is planting small nursery plants to large trees Windsor Lawns is your partner.


Nursery Plants- Windsor lawns can help you layout the plant design you want as well as supply plants from our own nursery. 


Large Trees-After working carefully to understand the individual planting sites and  your requirements, Windsor Lawns will install and ensure a thriving future for your recently purchased tree. 

Lanscape Maintenance

From pruning and tree removal to mowing and disease control we have the knowledge and experience to help you


Outdoor surfaces such as patios and walkways can be much more then just a solid surface to walk on. The selection of pavement patters, textures and colors has a big influence on the character of tehse spaces. 
-    Stone work
-    Retaining walls
-    Brick fireplaces
-    Fencing
-    California Kitchen (outdoor kitchen)

Invasive Control & Wooded Lot Restoration

Reduce invasive plant populations to a level where natural plants can thrive

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